Light and clarity through Geo-Allchemy®

..if you lack calmness and recreation at home,

..if you lack concentration and composure at work... then

take advantage of Geo-Allchemy® ...

Geo-Allchemy is the path of transformation o change o renewal that begins in our homes and in ourselves.

The energy work of Geo-Allchemy® is based on the alchemist knowledge of many cultures, which is thousands of years old.
All ancient cultures, and meanwhile even modern physics, proceed from the assumption that everything that exists is energy. In physics, energy is referred to as vibration, which is measured in frequencies.
There are vibrations and frequencies that are beneficial to us, making us feel powerful and energetic. And there are those that drain our energy, making us feel tired and worn out - such as electrosmog, mobile phone radiation and left-spin energies, but also negative thoughts and emotions.
Geo-Allchemy® is concerned with these energetic phenomena and works on the principle of the Hermetic Laws which say that the great reflects in the small:

"As above, so below; as inside, so outside"

Geo-Allchemy examines the effects these phenomena have on the earth, on our home and work environment, and on our personal surroundings.
In Geo-Allchemy®, the earth is regarded as a living creature similar to a human being; a living unity, consisting of body, mind and soul. And like humans, the earth has a "memory". This explains why the natural, invisible structures of places that were subject to negative or manipulative events become distorted and detrimental.

You'll probably recall having felt good in some places or having felt attracted to them, while others made you feel quite uncomfortable. This is due to the fact that you respond to the frequencies or vibration information stored in the earth, the building or respective room.

Orion-Wand© (in german Orion-Stab)

The tool used in Geo-Allchemy® is the Orion-Wand. The name itself indicates the way it works.

The Orion-Wand enables you to determine the energetic situation of a place, a home and all creatures. It's used to perform a precise analysis and - this is what's extraordinary about it - to transform the energetically negative situation.

The Orion constellation has been representing the symbolic balance of all forces for a long time. Even in ancient cultures, Orion was regarded as the symbol of balance and enlightenment.
The Orion Wand will purify the place or object to be treated, rid it of impeding influences and bring more light and clarity to the place and the people who live there. Its effect is therefore described as "transilluminating".


Apart from well-known geopathogenic zones of disturbance such as left-spin water veins, faults and grids, Geo-Allchemy® is also used to examine and neutralize the disturbing effects of electro smog and negative technical frequencies. (Electrosmog and negative technical frequencies radiate from appliances such as computers, portable and mobile phones, or permeate the walls of your home from the outside.)
The geo-allchemistic method focuses on tracking down and dissolving negative energy zones. This is where the history of the place is stored at a spiritual, physical, emotional and mental level. In Geo-Allchemy, each of these points of stress is assigned to a certain planet, or its principle, since it's the planets that the problems of the earth, the "navel of the cosmos", reflect in. And with the help of the Orion-Wand it's possible to eliminate them right there as well.
Numerous blood tests showed that patients' blood pictures improved on a long-term basis after their homes had been energy-treated.
Therefore, Geo-Allchemy® offers an excellent opportunity to those who've been seeking perfect health for a long time.
After all negative energies have been eliminated, the place will regain its natural potential, the sun will shine again from your home's heart, and the people living there will be able to return to their original life path

. After your home has been "transformed" with the help of Geo-Allchemy, you might find that:
  • You're in better health
  • Your neighbour says 'hello' to you again
  • Your relationship is improving
  • Your house is being renovated.
  • Your environment becomes lighter, friendlier and more lucid.
  • You will find yourself in a warmer and more pleasant atmosphere.
Your home will be turned into your personal place of empowerment, supporting and boosting your individual qualities.
It will change into a place radiating from the heart and act as the basis for developing your personality and restoring your powers.

If you have any questions about Geo-Allchemy, or if you'd like to transform your home or office with this method, please phone us:


Landscape architect Dipl. Ing. Adelheid Rosenkranz has been running her own office since 1984. She has been concerned with Feng- Shui and its European variant of geomanty for several years.
The Orion-Wand, which she assis-ted in creating, is a long awaited and very effective energy tool.
It enabled her to develop Geo-All-chemy®.
Adelheid Rosenkranz founded the Werkstatt für Geo-Allchemy and has been its manager since 1999.
Apart from lectures and workshops, she also offers an extra-ordinary one-year training course in Geo-Allchemism.

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